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Postage Calculator and Delivery Standard
Speedpost provides customers with a wide range of services. To calculate postage and enquire about delivery standard, please fill in the required information below and click Submit. Pleas note that postage is calculated based on a per item weight basis (except for Freight Service).
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Freight Service

If you have:
  • Two or more items to be delivered to the same destination
  • With each one weighing not less than 5kg
  • With the whole consignment weighing not less than 50kg
Freight Service can help deliver your items to more than 90 destinations around the world.

Reminder: Customer must fill-in both the "Speedpost Freight Service Application Form" and the Speedpost Posting Form (Pos460) upon posting of freight shipments.
Rates are subject to change without any notice in advance by Speedpost.

In case of discrepancy between the online enquiry functions and the online Speedpost service guide, the online service guide version shall prevail.